December Daily Post Day 8: Stock Trading

Ever since I was a teenager, I always look for ways how to generate or grow money. I tried selling foods, prepaid loads, etc. Some people will call it as madiskarte. I always believe you need multiple streams of income if you want to reach your goals within a certain timeline, or just use it to enjoy life.

It’s not a secret that I trade. I have a few posts on this blog about my experiences of the Philippine stock market. I started at 5,000php with COL Financial. Imagine I started with 4 digits, and through regular top-ups, I’m amazed it grew to 6 digits in 3 years! Consistency is the key.

I’ve been a shareholder of JFC for over a year. I bought it when the price was down, I had an average of 188 php/share. After accumulating a lot of shares, I’ve decided to sell it all. It’s time to reap the profits. I gained 40,000+ php from that transaction. Can you imagine if I saved that money in the bank for 2 years, will I gain that much money as interest? Nope, unless I have millions in the account.

My next strategy is to buy stocks again (I always stick to blue chip companies) when the price is below the average. I’m not an active trader but I always follow the rule ‘Buy when the price is low, and sell when the price is high’. It’s always risky, you could lose your money or not get the expected returns. That’s why never put all your eggs in one basket. Always have a plan and assess.


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