My Beauty Box Experience: Pink Parcel December 2018

When I resubscribed to Birchbox, I saw an ad of Pink Parcel. It’s not entirely a beauty box but it’s meant to help and cheer you up whenever that monthly visit kicks in. So I thought to subscribe for atleast a month to give it a try.

Pink Parcel is £12.99/month. It’s a few pence more than Birchbox which is £12.95/month. Pink Parcel contains sanitary pads/tampons (or both depending on your preference), skincare/beauty products and some sweets. It’s something new compared to the usual skincare and beauty products with other subscription boxes. And another bonus is it contains essential items that you will use.

For the December 2018 box, here are the items:

1. Boxes of pads/tampons
There were pads for daytime and night time uses. I reckon this will last me until the next month. I also got a mini bag with ‘Self Love‘ print which I think will be very useful.

2. Lord & Berry 20100 Maximatte Crayon Lipstick (Here and Now)
I’ve received 2 full sizes! That’s generosity. I’ve included one in my previous mini giveaway.

3. Manna Kadar Glo Illuminator
I’ve recently tried this illuminator and I can say it’s really good. I’ve used this alone when I went to the shop and seemed good on the face. The liquid is similar to Nars radiance primer but I’d still prefer the latter. Basically, this can serve as a primer alone or you can top it off with foundation.

4. Oh K! Cherry Lip Mask
This is something I’d love to try this weekend! This lip mask is meant to hydrate and moisturise your pout.

5. Anatomicals’ Deep Conditioning Hair Pack
I will use this at some point. Good news is I don’t have to buy a hair protein pack for January.

6. Balance Me Flash Cleanse Micellar Water
I have 2 small bottles of this as I received one from Birchbox in my December box. I’m currently using the Nivea micellar water which I love. But this is definitely worth to try if 2 different subscription boxes have added this.

7. Dilmah Natural Infusions (Chocolate, Turmeric, Ginger and Almond)
I love tea. Who doesn’t? I’ve tried this the other night and I liked it. Pink Parcel made a good choice on including this item.

8. Candy Kittens (Sour Watermelon)
It’s similar to Haribo’s Tangfastic. I’m not really a fan of candies but it was nice. I’ve let hubby finish it though.

Overall, I love all items included in my Pink Parcel’s December box. It’s something new and it’s not all about beauty. There were some food items which can cheer you up when you’re not feeling so well. If you’re tired of your current subscription box, Pink Parcel is definitely worth the try.

*This is not a sponsored post. I paid for the box.


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