A Ffern-tastic Perfume Experience (Winter 24)

One night I was scrolling on my Instagram feed when I stumbled on a post about perfume. I love perfumes, a few close friends know this. I checked the page and curiosity got me. With the help of my Google friend, I searched Ffern and checked the reviews which were mostly positive.

According to Ffern’s official website:

Ffern is a natural fragrance maker based in Somerset. It was born out of a simple vision: to restore perfumery to its artisan roots. With this in mind, Ffern creates fragrances that are organic, vegan and made from the highest quality, sustainably sourced, natural ingredients. Working with the rhythms of the seasons, we blend, barrel-age and bottle four unique fragrances a year, released at the equinox and solstice.

Ffern only releases 1 perfume every season and sold in limited quantities. I had to wait for months (can’t even remember when I signed up the waiting list!) as when I joined, the ledger was full. At the time of this writing, the ledger is currently full but you can join the waiting list. Once a space is available, there will be an invitation link to register on the ledger sent. Complete the registration as soon as possible to get that space.

I received the invitation last January and registered. The first bottle I received was Winter 24. I paid £89 and I received the parcel after a few days. The Ffern box contained 1 bottle of eu de parfum (1 fl. oz. which is around 29.5 mL), 2 tea bags, 1 diffusion stone, poster and a tester of the perfume.

There is a tester so the customer can assess if they like to keep the bottle or not. I think this is a good idea, giving customers the option to return the item. Scent is subjective. One person may like it, the other may not. Anyhow, I tried the tester first to see what I think. The scent definitely reminds me of winter, and I liked it.

The perfume smelled clean, crisp green and bit of floral, perfect for cold weather. The floral scent was not too strong. I think I would of prefer to have a stronger floral notes since I like Neroli. But I liked it which was the reason I kept the full bottle. The disadvantage I can think of the perfume was it didn’t last long given it was an eu de parfum. The Philosophy Pure Grace (Nude Rose) eu de toilette , which is one of my favourites, lasted all day!

So the big question is do I recommend Ffern? If you don’t mind the cost, it’s a yes! Apart from supporting an English brand, the scent of the perfume was really nice. The perfume is only produced in limited quantities which gives that ‘exclusivity’ feeling and a small chance of being near with someone using the same perfume. It kinda works as your ‘signature’ scent. The bottle is travel-friendly, easy to carry with you wherever.

The subscription is a little expensive compared to other brands that cost less but the fragrance lasting power is longer. If it’s way above your budget, I suggest to check out other cheaper alternatives.

Ffern is releasing a new perfume for Spring in the next few weeks, and I’m excited for it!


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