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Random Thoughts: 5 Life Lessons from Squid Game (Korean Series)

Squid Game is, undoubtedly, very popular all around the globe. A lot of my friends posted positive reviews on social media about this series. On Netflix, it was on the Top 1 list in the UK for several days/weeks. I’m addicted to Korean series but…

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Pinay in the UK: PHL Stocks After Ghost Month

Ghost month is over, and the Philippine stock market has recovered in the past few weeks. This blog post is a follow-up of ‘Pinay in the UK: Buying More Stocks During ghost Month‘ published back in August. Read more below if my strategy made me…

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Sweet Panaderya: Oh My, Tinapay!

Sweet Panaderya is a Filipino-owned business here in the UK. The shop sells Filipino breads which are similar, texture and taste, to breads you can buy from the Philippines (and I mean it!). They have an online presence on Facebook if you’d like to check…

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Pinay in the UK: Calamansi + Lemongrass Update

A few months ago, I bought Lemongrass seeds and a Calamansi pot (with 2 seedlings, bargain!). As promised, here are my updates. Lemongrass I planted Lemongrass from seeds back in April 2021, read the post here. To grow Lemongrass from seeds can be tricky. I…

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Postcard Series: Liverpool, England

Liverpool in England is one of the cities I always wanted to visit. I’m not a fan of The Beatles but I’m curious about the band’s history. Why not? They are one of the best bands in the world! So last month, we decided to…

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