Postcard Series: Malacca, Malaysia

Travelling to different places have opened my eyes to various cultures and traditions. The experiences I gained is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. One of my favourite places so far is Malacca (also spelled as Melaka) in Malaysia. It’s a…

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Pinay in the UK: Growing a Calamansi Plant

Calamansi, which is also known as Calamondin or Philippine Lime, is a citrus fruit commonly found in Asia. It is used in condiments, beverages, marinades, and dishes. There are lemons and limes available here in the UK, but I miss the taste of Calamansi and…

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Pinay in the UK: Project Lemongrass

For a Filipina living in a town with no Asian shops nearby that sells products I need can be difficult. I once ended up buying a Lemongrass from Sainsbury’s online but it was not I expected. I received a bottle of short dried lemongrass stalks.…

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My Visa Journey: Life in the UK Test Experience

One of the requirements for ILR or permanent residency is to pass the Life in the UK test which is valid for life, so applicants need to take this only once. This tests the applicants’ knowledge of the UK in which questions can be about…

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Pinay in the UK: It’s Okay to Spend on ‘Wants’

Life is short. It’s important to enjoy it and if you want something, then get it. Always remember that ‘we work to live and not live to work‘. Last month, I made my first big purchase for this year. It was not an overnight decision,…

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