Postcard Series: Liverpool, England

Liverpool in England is one of the cities I always wanted to visit. I’m not a fan of The Beatles but I’m curious about the band’s history. Why not? They are one of the best bands in the world! So last month, we decided to…

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Pinay in the UK: Online Grocery Thoughts

Before the pandemic started, we order our groceries online. We’re busy during weekdays because of work and don’t have much time to stop by the grocery shops unless it’s very important. And on weekends, we prefer to go out or do other things. When the…

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Is Neri’s Gourmet Tuyo Worth It?

Neri’s Gourmet Tuyo is a product created by Neri Miranda, a Filipina actress. Tuyo is a salted dried fish which is a popular food in the Philippines. The product went viral a few years ago, a lot of people praised and have only good reviews…

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Pinay in the UK: Buying More Stocks During Ghost Month

In Chinese culture, August (also called as Ghost month) is the time when the spirits freely roam the earth. Many believers postpone making big decisions or purchases as it brings bad luck. Thus, a slowdown in market activities is observed during this month. My portfolio…

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Postcard Series: Malacca, Malaysia

Travelling to different places have opened my eyes to various cultures and traditions. The experiences I gained is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. One of my favourite places so far is Malacca (also spelled as Melaka) in Malaysia. It’s a…

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