Visa Journey: Applying for a UK Visit Visa in the Philippines (Part 2)

Visa application process can be difficult. This the reason why there are a lot of travel agencies that offer visa application services. However, I was determined to process my previous visa applications by myself, and successfully made it. It’s not impossible, research is the key.

My family, brother and father, applied for a UK visit visa last year (2018). I’ve never tried applying for this type of visa but there were a lot of materials online as reference. One of the sites that provided us with information is Freddy’s Musings. Thank you!

It was my brother who processed their applications, without the help of a travel agency, and both successfully received their UK visit visa. Their passports were returned after 15 working days.

Please take note that I was the main sponsor on their visa application. See below for the list of requirements they submitted:

1. Cover letter
2. Confirmation of appointment
3. Visa payment receipt
4. Visa application form
5. Passport
6. Certificate of employment
7. Approved leave of absence from work (from employer)
8. Payslips (last 6 months)
9. BIR tax certificate (recent)
10. Bank statement (last 6 months)
11. Company and UMID ID
12. House title
13. Family picture 

Sponsor’s Supporting Documents

1. Invitation letter from me and British hubby
2. Copy of passport bio page
3. Copy of hubby’s passport bio page
4. NatWest mortgage statement (recent)
5. Council tax bill (recent)
6. Bank statement (last 6 months; this is a joint bank account)
7. Letter of employment (Tiffany’s)
8. Copy of BRP card (Tiffany’s)

You might wanted to include a checklist on your application to be more organised and not miss a document.

When submitting important documents (except for applicant’s bank statements), just provide a copy. The house title my brother submitted was only a copy. Please take note VFS didn’t return any documents. 

Visa application fee – 126 USD/person
VFS services fee – 1,320 PHP or 660 PHP/person (Includes 2 courier services and 2 SMS notifications)

I hope this helps!

*This was based from my family’s experience last November 2018. There might be changes in the process/fees, so please be updated by checking their official website.


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