Magtitipid Na Ako!

I was clearing my laptop when I found my expenses spreadsheet tracker I created back in 2021, the pandemic era. That year was full of challenges and uncertainty. A lot of people lost their ‘stable’ jobs and many companies went bankrupt. It’s like everyone was so afraid of what the future may bring, and tried the conservative approach – spend less money.

I will not go into details of my personal life but looking back, it was amazing how we overcome that situation, came out better and stronger. Crazy what 2 years can do to you, and how life can flip your life upside down without any warning.

After finding that spreadsheet, I created a 2023 tab and listed the updated bills we’re paying now. There was a big increase on how much we pay for our bills, with the addition of new expenses we’re paying (e.g my car + car insurance). Finding that file sitting in my computer was also such an eye opener. It highlights how much I was overspending in the last months. I think I need to have a reality check and get back on using the spreadsheet and work on my life goals. Yes, I also made this list of long-term life goals a few years ago.

I’m sure I’m not the only one guilty of impulse buying and overspending. We work so hard that sometimes I think I deserve those purchases. In a way, we get blinded and just keep on overspending without realising we already went overboard.

In the coming months, I will start giving myself budgets on how much I can spend on ‘wants’. Hopefully, this way I can change my habits, get back on track on my goals and save more. It’s probably better to read Chinkee Tan’s books again to surround myself with better ideas and get back to that financial literacy vibe.

What are your tipid hacks?


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