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Reading books is a therapeutic activity for me. Each book has its own storyline and charm. And sometimes we end up loving the characters created by the writer. If only reading books and making reviews out of them is a job, I would definitely apply for it! I love books and I currently have 2 active subscriptions (ooops!).

Last December, I came across Goldsboro on my feed. I’m a member of this Facebook group where members can freely post anything about books. Anyway, I got curious because the Goldsboro books looked gorgeous. It had a nice cover, a number on the book (meant it’s a limited edition) and sprayed edges which made me want to buy it.

I searched Goldsboro and found their website for further digging. Goldsboro is a bookshop specialising in first edition hardback books. The shop was established in 1999 and they have 2 branches, one in London and another in Brighton. They also have an online shop which makes it easier for people to order books without going to their physical store.

Goldsboro have a book subscription, similar to Fairyloot which I will also be reviewing. I subscribed on the Premier membership (paid £24.99 plus £5.50 shipping fee per month) in which I will receive 1 first edition signed book every month. The membership allows me to skip a month if I don’t like the book they will be sending. And there is an additional 15% off every other book I buy from their shop. Furthermore, the subscription allows me to order exclusive editions before they are displayed on their online shop.

The price is a little bit expensive but because I liked the idea of collecting first edition signed books, thought I will give it a go. My subscription started at the beginning of the year and my first book was One of the Good Guys by Araminta Hall. The February book I received was The List of Suspicious Things by Jennie Godfrey and it came with a nice bookmark. I’ve not read any of the Goldsboro books yet because I currently own so many of them and I’m trying to read as many as I can so I can catch up.

These Goldsboro books are really pretty especially the sprayed edges. The books have a protective film to keep the sleeves safe from wear/tear and stains. The below photo is some of the other Goldsboro books I own and the sprayed edges are just lovely!

Do I recommend Goldsboro books? If you are a bookworm and want to start collecting first edition signed hardback books, it’s a big YES! The books are gorgeous. And the additional 15% off on another book via their shop makes it a good deal.

If you wanted a cheaper option, you can check Ebay and search for Goldsboro books. However, the downside is if the book is very popular, the prices on Ebay will shoot up. Just bear that in mind as the book value can fluctuate over time.

Once I complete a Goldsboro book, I will probably write a review on my blog. So for bookworms out there, keep your eyes peeled on those posts. I’m also open for book recommendations, feel free to leave a comment below.


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