Bongyao’s Corned Beef and Pork Tocino

The foodie in me can’t stop exploring Filipino food businesses here in the UK. The number of Filipino sellers here seems to have gone up in the past few years. I thought to feature this new discovery on my blog.

You’re on the right blog post if you’re looking for a Filipino corned beef and pork tocino. Owned by a Filipino, Bongyao’s operates and produce the goods in the UK. It may be worth checking out if you have a local seller in your area as they have resellers all over the country.

I placed my order through their Facebook account and the response was quick. The corned beef and pork tocino (at the time of writing this post) were £5.50 per pack/tub. I received my order after a few days, I assume they have a cut off period for a batch of orders placed. The minimum number of items you can order is 6, and you have the option to mix it with corned beef and pork tocino.

I ordered 3 tubs of corned beef and 3 packs of pork tocino.

A gel ice pack was included to keep the goods cool whilst in transit. I sauteed one tub of corned beef with onion, and enjoyed it with rice for my lunch. The corned beef has a bit of sauce, not dry like the English version.

The pork tocino meat was tender and tasty, like the ones we can get in the Philippines. Masarap at sulit ba? A big YES for both!

*This is not a sponsored post.*


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