Uncle Pinoy’s Lechon Review

Life has been busy lately but finally managed to find time to do what I love, writing. And I know it has been a while since I wrote a food blog post, so here you go.

On this post, I will be featuring a new Filipino food seller – Uncle Pinoy! If you’ve not yet eaten, stop reading or else you will end up ordering when you finish this post because IT IS ABOUT LECHON!

I’ve been seeing Uncle Pinoy’s ad whenever I browse Facebook. I already know a reliable Lechon seller so I was not that interested to buy from another. But you know when you are scrolling and has not yet eaten, all of a sudden you saw this food ad and you had that craving you can take off your mind? That is exactly what happened to me and I ended up buying it.

The website was very easy to navigate and load. There were different modes of payment available (Paypal, debit card, Apple pay) which was convenient. I’ve ordered twice from Uncle Pinoy now and the delivery date was spot on, so far! When you have selected a delivery date, make sure someone is at home to receive it.

The packaging was professional and easy to open (no packaging tape that sometimes drives me mad). My 1kg order was securely packed in an insulation food envelope and there were 2 tubs of Mang Tomas sauce included (when you order 2kgs, you get 4 tubs of Mang Tomas). There was also a card of instructions on how to re-heat and get the best Lechon experience.

Per the instruction, I had to pat the skin dry and apply a thin amount of oil then put it in the oven to re-heat. The verdict? I know this is what you’ve been waiting for, so I’ll try my best to be as descriptive to not disappoint.

When I took the Lechon out of the oven, I immediately sliced into the super crispy skin (I’m not telling porky pies!). The crackling sound gave me the ASMR feels and I thought I was in the Philippines for a second. I’m not lying, but the skin was really good. The meat was also so tender with a good enough amount of fats, what more can you ask for? The Lechon dipped in the Mang Tomas sauce was so delicious.

Do I recommend Uncle Pinoy’s Lechon? Oh yes, it’s perfect when you have those cravings every now and then. And based on my experience, it was always on time!


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