Random Thoughts: Lowering Gas/Electricity Bill

It’s now September and winter is just around the corner. It’s that time of the year when electricity/gas bill starts to shoot up as we usually tend to use gas more due to the cold weather.

We’ve been paying £112.21 every month. And by September, our provider is increasing up to £132 a month due to our consumption last year. Yes, I admit, I was the biggest contributing factor in the increase of the bill. Just to give you a quick background, I arrived January last year, the weather was a shock to me so the heating is on most of the time. And I only started working last October.

We don’t want to pay the new fee. Most of the time during weekdays, both of us are at work. I thought it’s unfair so we decided to pay them a big chunk of money (£500) to end our current tariff. We’re no longer tied in with our energy provider. The advantage of having a fixed rate for XX years is when your energy consumption goes up on a certain period, you’ll pay the same price. Same when your consumption lowers down, the fee is still the same. It’s like averaging.

We are now paying monthly based on our energy consumption and not the estimated reading. From Aug 08 to September 13, our bill is only £52.43! There is a massive difference there. We’re glad we went to this route as every penny counts! Unless really necessary, like frostbite-kind of cold, we don’t turn on the heater. The weather is not yet that cold.

Certain measures we try to practice these days are:

-Wear thick clothes at home
-Close the doors in the room. For example, if we’re staying in the living room, we closed the door going to kitchen and door in the hallway.
-Turn off unnecessary plug switches like TV, wifi, etc. The appliances still consume energy if you leave them on.

Hopefully, this new bill arrangement works for us. We will constantly provide regular meter readings hoping that they can give us a lower tariff by next year.

Hope you’re all enjoying your first -BER month!


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