Pinay in the UK: How I Passed My Driving Theory Test

I’ve been learning to drive since January of this year. I have my lessons once a week (usually Saturdays) because I’m working during Mondays to Fridays. Sometimes, it gets cancelled due to my schedule or my instructor’s schedule conflicts. That’s why I’ve already expected it will take me this long.

It was only until August when I booked my driving theory test for September. It took me a while to do this as I was busy with other things. But hey, I finally had the courage to do it in the end. I’ve come to the realisation that I really need to do it so I can focus with the practical test.
I booked my test through the GOV.UK website. When you click the ‘Start Now’, you will be redirected to another site where you will need to fill in the necessary details. I booked mine in Pearson Centre in Bolton. The fee for the test is £23. Please take note that dates easily get fully booked, so plan your schedule and book the date you want in advance.

A week before my exam, I decided to read and finish the highway code. This official reference book has everything you need to know about the laws, signs, etc to follow in the UK. If you wanted to learn to drive, you definitely need to read this. I also downloaded a lot of apps on my phone so I can practice. Please don’t just memorise, you also need to understand the laws and signs. I’ve read in one of the Facebook groups about somebody recommending to just memorise the answers. Please don’t, that knowledge is very useful to be a safe driver on the road. 
I have another recommendation which is the Official DVSA Theory Test Kit app. This is the official app of DVSA and if you purchase the test kit you’ll also get the electronic copy of the highway code. For the price of £4.99, it’s definitely worth it. Just keep on practicing and make sure you understand. That is the key.

My exam was scheduled at 9:15 AM. I arrived in the centre at 9:00 AM. It was very busy that day and when it’s my turn it was already 9:25 AM. Don’t forget to bring your provisional driving license. When you book your test, you’ll receive an email of what to bring on this day.

The test was split into two, theory (a set of multiple choice questions) and hazard perception tests. I finished by 9:50 AM and immediately got the letter which stated PASSED!

I was over the moon! I can’t believe I was able to do it since I have only a week to really prepare for it. My next step is preparing for my practical test. I will keep you posted.


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