Random Thoughts: 5 Life Lessons from Squid Game (Korean Series)

Squid Game is, undoubtedly, very popular all around the globe. A lot of my friends posted positive reviews on social media about this series. On Netflix, it was on the Top 1 list in the UK for several days/weeks. I’m addicted to Korean series but I can be very picky when choosing a show to watch. But with all the praises and recommendations, I decided to watch it.

The series has only 9 episodes which is short compared to the usual 16 episodes most Korean series have. It’s short but all episodes are good, walang tapon! Apart from the fantastic storyline (don’t worry guys, no spoiler!) and good cinematography, the show has loads of life lessons that most, if not all, can relate from.

1. Be careful with debts.

This is one of the many rules I follow. If you think you can’t afford to pay it back, don’t borrow that money. If you borrow so much money and you don’t have a way to pay it, don’t expect it will just vanish out of thin air. And please, don’t ever think of selling one of your kidneys.

2. Real friends are hard to find.

Most people in our lives will come and go. Only a few will be there for us through good and hard times. Some people may appear concern or help us, but they may have some hidden agenda up their sleeves. If you found a good friend, treasure them.

3. Only gamble the money you can afford to lose.

This statement also applies to business and investments. There is no guarantee a business or an investment will be successful. It’s very important to leave something for yourself in times of difficulty. This is the reason why financial advisors often advise to build your emergency fund before investing.

4. Money doesn’t guarantee happiness.

If all rich people are happy with their lives, you won’t hear stories about celebrities or famous people committing suicide or getting addicted to drugs and alcohol. With the amount of money they have, you would think they are the happiest people on the planet. Unfortunately, there are certain things in life money can’t buy.

5. Be kind.

Anywhere you go, be kind to people you meet. We all have our own battles, some people may have it harder. I always believe in karma – what goes around, comes around.


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