Pinay in the UK: PHL Stocks After Ghost Month

Ghost month is over, and the Philippine stock market has recovered in the past few weeks. This blog post is a follow-up of ‘Pinay in the UK: Buying More Stocks During ghost Month‘ published back in August. Read more below if my strategy made me gain more or lose money.

The stock prices either goes up or down, timing is the key. Some investors believed in Ghost month which starts some point in August and ends in September. Believers don’t make big decisions as it brings bad luck. A slow down in market activities or prices going down can be observed during this period.

Last August, I decided to buy new shares from a company and stock more on the existing shares I have. I made sure I bought the low share prices so I can gain profit. The below is what my dashboard looked like in August:

The below is what my dashboard looks like now as of 17 OCT 2021. I think my strategy worked which is ‘buy more when the stock price is low‘. However, it is also important to make your own research. You may buy shares from a company with low market price, but you’re not updated that the company is on a crisis and about to go bankrupt, etc. So before you invest, make sure to research in order to avoid disappointments or losing money.

One of my current stocks is JFC which I’m hoping will go up to 300+ per share price in the next few months. Thank you, JFC!

Happy investing, everyone!


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