Conqueror Challenge Accepted!

One of my new year’s resolutions is to lose weight and transform into an active lifestyle. My lifestyle was quite sedentary, and I gained a lot of weight over time (especially during the height of the COVID pandemic). This was one of the reasons why I lost confidence in taking photos as I didn’t like what I see and didn’t feel good of myself. At the start of the year, I knew I had to do something to improve this aspect of my life.

I was browsing for ways how I can motivate myself to move more. I own a Fitbit watch, apart from keeping tabs of my movements, it didn’t really motivate me as much. This was when I thought about doing virtual walk and challenge a friend. One of the websites I found was Conqueror Virtual Challenges.

Conqueror Virtual Challenges

Conqueror offers different virtual challenges depending on the preferred distance. The participant will need to sign up on a challenge. A unique code will be generated which will need to be activated on the Conqueror app.

The app tracks the participant (and any other who were on the same challenge) how far they are in the map. Another good reason of using Conqueror is in every point markers completed (20%, 40%, 60%, 80%), a tree is planted. At the end of the challenge, the participant will receive a Conqueror medal.

Conqueror Competition

At the end of January this year, my colleague/friend and I competed on the Amazon challenge (£36.98 including shipping fee of the medal). The distance of this challenge is 100 miles, and our goal was to complete it in 4 weeks. The first person to finish the challenge will win the competition, and the prize at stake was a Goldsboro book.

To help me with my challenge, I bought a very basic treadmill/walking pad. I didn’t want to brave the cold and gloomy weather as I felt like it will only discourage me from going out. I’ve been doing atleast 10k steps most days within 4 weeks. Fortunately, I was consistent and won the competition!

After the Conqueror challenge, I can tell there were changes in my lifestyle. Honestly, I’ve not yet weighed myself but I can definitely tell I felt lighter. I’ve also been trying to be as consistent as I can in exercising.

Do I recommend Conqueror? If you want that push to keep you motivated, I recommend using Conqueror and have a healthy competition with a friend.


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