Fresh Pinoy Fruits in the UK

There is a wide variety of fruits here in the UK. You can find apples, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, oranges, banana, papaya, etc. You name it, this country have it. However, I noticed that the imported mangoes in stores are not as sweet/sour as the Philippine version. That’s why when I found a seller on Facebook, I can’t resist ordering.

Beberly’s World Foods sells all sorts of Asian products. You can order fresh fruits, vegetables, rice and more. When I saw Philippine mangoes in her list, I immediately inquired. For a kilo of green mangoes, it costs £11.45. It’s a bit expensive, but we’re not in the Philippines, it’s imported and definitely worth it!

Ms Beberly was very accommodating and a fellow Bisaya! I asked her to send my order on a Saturday as I’m working and won’t be able to receive it during weekdays. I paid £5.50 for 1st class postage fee.

Lo and behold, my Saturday parcel has arrived. I thought it will take 2 days even if it’s first class! How I love Royal Mail’s service. Anyway, the fruits were carefully packaged along with my other orders. I quickly took one of the mangoes, peeled and sliced. It was definitely the kind of mango I’ve been craving for more than a year! It was so crunchy, a combination of sweet and sour, and perfect with my bagoong (shrimp paste)! Philippine mango is incomparable, indeed.


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