Pinay in the UK: Life in England (Part 2)

There are more things that I wanted to share based on my experiences, hoping to give info or help fellow Pinays who plan to move or travel here in the UK.

  • On a winter season, the sun rarely shines. Fortunately, the season is now Spring and there is more ‘light’ these days. The time difference between the 2 countries is 7 hours. But this changes to 8 hours on winter season.
  • There are usually parks in every town. In the town where I live, there is a park that seems isolated. However, there are still people coming either to run and exercise or to walk their dogs.
  • It’s a bit hard to find an Asian shop that sells Filipino products, at least in my area. If you say shops that sell Asian products, there are a lot! But I can’t find a single Filipino product!
  • Most shops will charge you for a plastic bag. Example: in the Co-op, they charge 5 pence if you need a plastic bag. So when you plan to make a big shop, try to bring your own bag.
  • In a shop like Asda, there is such thing as a self-checkout counter. It was a Sunday and there was no cashier or staffs around, so I have to call my husband who was waiting for me outside the shop and asked for help. Boy, that was nerve-wracking!
  • Never compare the prices of stuffs in the UK and the Philippines. You will be disappointed! One example I can give you: I wanted to subscribe to Spotify since I usually go premium in Pinas, I was shocked to see it’s £9.99/month! The price in Pinas is ₱129 and that’s around (give or take) £2! There is a huge difference there.
  • When drinking in a pub with other people, prepare to pay in rounds. Example: There are 3 of you in a group. Person 1 will first buy the drinks for all. After that round, person 2 will buy the drinks for the next round and so on.
  • Buses and trains are all on a schedule. In Pinas, the common mode of transportation is Jeepney and it doesn’t operate on a schedule. Here in the UK, public transportation like buses and trains operate on a schedule. So, if you miss the bus on a certain time, you’ll have to wait for a few minutes to an hour for the next one. Just in case you miss the bus and in a hurry, save the mobile number of your local taxi. In where I live, the taxi fare is £2.50 (anywhere around town) – £7 (going to the next town).

To be honest, I did a lot of adjustments in order to adapt in this new country. I left my family and friends in the Philippines but I’m currently making new ones here in England. I will never forget them and go visit home at the right time.

There is a big difference between the Philippines and England in a lot of things. But, I’m in the process of learning these things and take new opportunities.

For us, Pinays/Pinoys abroad, just keep on and fly high!


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