Getting a CFO Sticker and Certificate

Commission on Filipinos Overseas or popularly known as CFO is a Philippine government agency tasked to promote migrant welfare and interest. The agency also provides pre-departure orientation seminars to Filipino emigrants.

Filipino fiance(e)s and spouses of foreign nationals need to secure a CFO sticker and certificate in order to leave the country. Good news is there is no expiration date on them. It’s valid for a lifetime. Also, if your spouse is a foreigner and you want to renew your passport to your husband’s surname, you will be asked for a CFO sticker/certificate.

There are 2 permanent locations of CFO, Cebu and Manila. However, the agency also conducts mobile PDOS on selected cities at a particular date. It’s better to stay updated by visiting the official CFO website.

Filipino Fiance(e)s and Spouses 

As a fiancee of a foreign national, I need to secure both CFO sticker and certificate. I already have my visa then and the validity date has started, just the perfect time. Why? If your visa validity date has not yet started, even if you already have attended the seminar, they will not issue the sticker and you need to go back or get it at the airport. So, it’s better to wait until everything is ready.

I received my sticker and certificate on the same day of my seminar, no hassle.If you are all set, visa on hand and validity date has started, you can now proceed on booking your appointment for the CFO seminar. Register your details on their website. After filling all the necessary information, a confirmation email will be sent.

Below is the screenshot of the email I received. On the day of your appointment, be sure to bring the printed appointment form (attached in the email) and the necessary documents stated below.

My Experience 

On the day of my appointment in CFO Manila, I arrived earlier than my schedule. The main office is on 2nd floor. When I got in, I was given some forms to be filled-in. Please take note that you also need to know information about your foreign partner like phone number, email, UK address, mother’s maiden name, job, etc.

When I was finished, I submitted the forms and I was told to wait. After a few minutes, the lady called me to confirm my identity and my partner’s, and took my photo. After that, I was told to proceed to the orientation room.The orientation started around 9:30 AM until 12:00 noon. After that, all of us proceeded to the ground level for the certificate and sticker. I paid PHP400 fee.

One hour and a half later, I received my certificate and my passport containing the sticker. A BIG SUCCESS!

It is very important to eat a BIG meal before the seminar because the whole thing finished around 1:30 PM! If you can bring some biscuits and water, the better.

*This was based from my experience last January 2017. There might be changes, so please be updated by checking their official website.


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