My FilFoods (Pinoy Store) Experience

A few weeks ago, I stumbled on a Facebook post which was all about Pinoy Foods. I got curious so I checked it out, and there were some people who made recommendations. When I was checking the FB profiles, I decided to add one of them, FilFoods.

I sent a friend request to Jheff Migano of FilFoods and he responded. He sent me a link of his webstore and this instruction (see image below).

My Order 

Based on the instructions, it’s easy to make an order. So, I explored the webstore and found out that there were loads! I would want to order everything (haha!) but I know it won’t be a good idea.

Here are some of my orders and the prices. I’m sure most Pinoys will immediately compare the prices to the Philippine market. I know, the prices here are freaking expensive! But because these are declared as imported goods, the prices are not cheap.

I ordered some ingredients for a Pinoy version of Macaroni Salad and Bangus (milkfish) as two days after was hubby’s birthday. I want him to have a taste of Pinoy foods.

After I sent Jheff all of my orders, he gave me an invoice (very organize, I know!). The total exceeded £30 so the delivery was FREE!


FilFoods has scheduled deliveries in different locations. But I was lucky because they have deliveries near my area that week so I only need to wait for a few days. My orders were delivered on a Friday. Yes door-to-door delivery!

On the day, a Pinay knocked on our door and gave me my orders. I paid cash on the same day. That was really a hassle-free transaction!I was quite happy with all of my orders. I even received a free Philippine newspaper and magazine.

Will I order again? YES. Do I recommend FilFoods? Definitely! If you are interested, just contact FilFoods (see image below).


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