Random Thoughts: 2019 Year-End Post Update


Before we welcome the new year 2020, I’d like to give you updates of my 2019 new year’s resolutions. In my other post, I’ve created 7 resolutions with the aim to grow and become a better person.

There were successes, unfortunately, there were also failures. This is a reminder that we can’t have everything. We can go up, but we can also fail. But one thing we need to remember is there’s always a room for improvement as long as we focus and do our best.

1. Read and finish at least one book every month. I’ve tried so hard to read as much as I can. Unfortunately, I’ve only finished 8 registered books in GoodReads this year. I’ve read a lot of Tagalog pocketbooks, though, if that counts.


Owning a Kindle helped on this (not as much as to entice me to read more, urrrgh). I can carry as many books as I can in my device. I recently subscribed to Kindle Unlimited for 0.99 pence which is good for 3 months, not too bad. Hope this will encourage me to read more in 2020.

2. Save and transfer regularly (applies to both UK and PHL accounts). I’ve not regularly transferred money every month, but I managed to reach my target! Yayyyy! Always have a target amount to keep you going.

I had doubts at first that it might be difficult, but I did it. I’ve been transferring as much as I can, whenever I can. I know this isn’t the best plan, but atleast it worked for me.

I transfer money from UK to PHL via Transferwise. I like the platform because it’s easy to use and they have good rates. I also find the transfer fee cheaper than other sites.

3. Invest more. I’ve invested more in stock market this year but I’ve not diversified my portfolio. Unfortunately, I enjoyed investing in the stock market that it never occurred to me to start building other investments. Hopefully, 2020 will be a great year to diversify!

4. Travel at least once a year. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to travel to different places this year. I’m also very happy that my family managed to visit me here in the UK. If you want to know how they applied for a UK visit visa, check this link.


5. Spring cleaning! We’ve managed to clear the rubbish in our front and spare rooms! Yayyyy! As for clothes and other items, we donated them to various charities. Some items were put up on Ebay for extra cash.

It feels so good to give up on things we no longer need.

6. Lose at least a stone and eat more healthy foods. This was the most challenging resolution. For some odd reason, I maintained my weight this year. I even bought a smoothie blender so I can make healthy smoothies with chia seeds. Unfortunately, I never lost weight. I need to try a different approach for next year!

7. Be thankful every day. I’m so thankful for all lessons and achievements I had this year. Life may have challenges, but we should always remind ourselves that we’re lucky to manage to wake up everyday and do something better. This is what we usually take for granted in life, some people don’t have this privilege.

Thank you 2019 for a good year, and may we all have a great 2020.


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