Transferring Money from UK to PHL

I regularly transfer money from my UK bank account to my local bank in the Philippines. I have a BPI account opened ages ago. Fortunately when I left the Philippines, I’ve not closed it down and kept it active. I’ve also registered my phone so I can do online transactions with my mobile banking. It’s very hassle-free.

Before, I’ve tried transferring through Paypal to my Philippine bank account. The cons with Paypal are: the transfer fee is too much and the rate is low! I’ve started to explore other transfer companies like Worldremit, and finally sticking with Transferwise.

The app is easy to use. They have a better rate and low transfer fee than any other transfer companies (in my experience atleast!). I’ve been using this app for nearly a year now and I’ve never encountered a problem so far (hopefully never).

In every £100 transfer, I usually pay £2.49 for the transfer fee. Then, it takes a few hours before the money goes into my Philippine bank account. You can pay more if you want an instant transfer.

If there’s a transfer app I’d recommend, it will be Transferwise. For a FREE first time transfer, you can use my code ‘’.


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