Why I Switched to Kindle?

Last monthAmazon held it’s Prime Day. It’s a yearly massive sale only for Prime members. I don’t have a membership as it has already expired last year. But I was given the option to try another free trial. Why not? It’s another FREE!

Kindle was on sale with an irresistible price, from £109, it’s down to £71.71! But another offer was in the market, the bundle which included the Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon fast charger and leather case was only £102.97 from £157.97. That means I saved £55! That’s a lot of savings. Without second thoughts, I just went for it.

After 3 weeks of using my Kindle, I thought to make a review to help other people choose. Here are my pros and cons.


1. Buying books is so easy. It is also cheaper than paperbacks. Average price ranges from £0.99 – £6.

2. I was given a 3-month free Kindle Unlimited. That means I can download and read books of my choice within 3 months for free!

3. You can bring an entire library with you wherever you go. A lot easier to carry than bulky paperbacks.

4. You  have the option to read a sample before you decide if you want to buy the book or not.

5. Kindle has a built-in dictionary. All you need to do is highlight a certain word and it will provide you it’s definition.

6. Kindle has a ‘highlight’ option. You can save quotes you like from the books.

7. You can read in the dark because of the built-in light

8. Battery lasts for weeks! I’ve only charged it twice so far – when I first got it and when the battery was low yesterday!

1. It doesn’t feel like reading to a ‘real book’, if you get what I mean. That feeling when you flip the pages and the scent of the paper is not there. A typical bookworm can relate to this.

2. You can’t resell the e-books you have.

3. I’m not so sure if you can ‘lend’ books from your library to your friends.

4. Secondhand books are cheaper from charity shops. I don’t think you can buy ‘secondhand e-books’.

So far, I’m enjoying my Kindle. I read wherever I am, be it in the train or tram going to work/home. I’m becoming sort of ‘productive’ in that aspect.

My Goodreads account is connected to my Kindle. Whenever I start to read a book it gives me the option if I want to mark it as ‘currently reading’ on Goodreads. I like it as it tracks my progress in the reading challenge. By the way, I pledged to read 10 books this year.

Am I still going back to paperbacks? Yes! But I would certainly prefer my Kindle for the convenience it offers. This is certainly one of the best purchases I made this year! No doubt.


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