How to Apply for Further Leave to Remain (FLR(M)) in the UK (Part 2)

The documents I submitted on my Further Leave to Remain (FLR(M)) application were mainly updated versions, an additional marriage certificate and plenty of correspondence. It was definitely not as stressful as my entry visa.

What you’re going to read is all about applying for FLR(M) by post. If you opt for a premium application and want to get the decision within the day, an additional £500 should be paid and is guaranteed hassle-free.

List of Documents

Here is the list of documents I submitted:

  • IHS Transaction Confirmation Email
  • Printed Further Leave to Remain (FLR(M)) Form

Applicant’s Documents

  • Cover Letter
  • 2 Recent Passport Size Photos with full name written on the back
  • Current Passport
  • Certified Copy of Birth Certificate
  • TB Test Certificate
  • English Language (IELTS) Certificate

Sponsor’s Documents

  • Cover Letter
  • 1 Recent Passport Size Photo with full name written on the back
  • Original Passport with a Copy of Full Passport Pages
  • Confirmation of Employment
  • P60 (2016-2017)
  • Recent Payslips (6 months)
  • Recent Bank Statements (6 months)
  • Accommodation
    • NatWest Mortgage Statement


  • Applicant
    • Nectar Mail
    • Boots Mail
    • Co-op Mail
    • HSBC Mail
  • Sponsor
    • Virgin Media Receipt
    • HSBC Mail
  • Joint
    • HSBC Mail
    • Council Tax Bill
    • United Utilities Bill
    • Scottish Power Bill

Evidence of Relationship

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Holiday Photos Together/Wedding Photos

I sent the documents as Special Delivery via Royal Mail. I paid £22 for sending the documents plus the prepaid Special Delivery envelope.

After a few days, I’ve received an acknowledgement letter and my husband’s original passport. A week more, I received the letter asking me to do my biometrics. Take note that not all post offices will cater biometrics. Check here for your nearest branch and click Home Office Biometric Enrollment on the refine searches.

The visa fee I paid was £993 (standard application with no dependant). I also paid £500 for the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) which will enable the applicant to get access to UK’s National Health Service or NHS.

Make sure to read the guidance notes and follow the instructions as stated.


It took me 7 weeks to get my decision by post. I was surprised to receive my documents and BRP card in one day. It’s usually the documents first, then the BRP card after a few days as it’s on a different courier.

I’m now eligible to work and visa-free for 2.5 years! Finally, we can now start to save.

Application sent to Home Office — May 20, 2017
Home Office received the documents — May 23, 2017
Biometrics — June 10, 2017
FLR(M) Decision + BRP Card —  July 12, 2017


Standard Visa Application — £993
IHS — £500
Special Delivery + Prepaid Envelope via Royal Mail — £22
Biometrics — £19.20

*Please take note that the visa fee increases yearly. This might be not the exact value you need to pay at the time of your application. Please refer to the official UK website for an updated list of fees.

**Update: Please take note the process and fees may have changed. Please refer to your checklist which will be generated once you have completed the online visa application form.


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