My Beauty Box Experience: My Little Box July 2017

My Little Box has impressed me with last month’s issue (click here). That’s the reason why I decided to go for July box.

If my June box took a long time for me to receive, my July box came earlier as expected. The box was delivered last Friday, first week of July. I was surprised to be honest, I thought it will be around second week of the month

The Box

I’ve been following My Little Box on Instagram, and I got the impression that this month’s issue is connected with sea, sand and shells. It’s summer season afterall!

The box has a really nice print and a small note on the cover. The theme is Seashell.

Inside the Box

The first thing I saw inside the box is a card that states “Let’s go see the sea”.

1. Cards & Envelopes

I think it would’ve been better if they designed these as postcards. Nevertheless, this is a good idea to send to friends at some point. I think snail mails are still better than text messages or emails. I just observed that a lot of Brits still send cards to family members and friends on special occasions.

2. Traveler Pouch-Pillow

I love the idea of this item! You can put valuables in the pouch and at the same time you can use it as a pillow while having a good time in the beach.

3. Hanging Candle Holder

This can be a good idea on a nice cold night in the garden.

4. Beauty Bag

To be honest, I like this month’s beauty loot bag (especially the bag itself!).

4.1 Yves Rocher Accord Chic Eau de Parfum (5 mL)
It smells refreshing! I love it. I tried checking online, and a post from eBay appeared. The 5 mL is being sold for £7.99!

4.2 Institut Karite Fleur-de-lis Shea Hand Cream (30 mL)

Another item in the bag that really smells good! With England’s cold weather, creams and lotions are essentials. The nice smell is a bonus!

4.3 Body Scrub Sandy Shore (210 g)

I loved the body scrub I received from Glossybox last month and it’s nearly finish. Just the right time to try a new scrub.

5. Seashell Sweet
The sweet is on the back part of the shell. The actual shell isn’t edible.


My Thoughts

The July box nailed it! I thought last month’s box was good, but this month’s issue is better! My favorites are the eau de parfum, shea hand cream, beauty bag, and the cards with envelopes. The scent of the eau de parfum and shea hand cream are just what I like. And surely, the items like the traveler pouch-pillow and candle holder will be useful at some point.

Will I give the August box a try? Definitely! I can’t wait to know what will next month’s theme be.


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