Pinay in the UK: Calamansi + Lemongrass Update

A few months ago, I bought Lemongrass seeds and a Calamansi pot (with 2 seedlings, bargain!). As promised, here are my updates.


I planted Lemongrass from seeds back in April 2021, read the post here.

To grow Lemongrass from seeds can be tricky. I did an experiment, 1 pot of seeds which were planted straight to the soil, and another pot which seeds were placed in the fridge for a few weeks to encourage germination prior to planting. Guess which pot had a higher chance of seedling survival? It’s the pot with germinated seeds prior planting.

May 2021: Sign of Life
June 2021: Growing Lemongrass
August 2021
Third Pot: Seeds placed in fridge prior to planting.
Fourth pot: Seeds placed straight into the soil. Only 1 seedling survived and the growth is slow compared to the plants on the third pot.


To see my first post about my Calamansi plant, click here.

My plants are growing so well. Both seedlings survived after their trip from the US a few months ago. And both plants still look very healthy. There are more leaves coming out, I can’t wait for them to bear fruits!

June 2021
August 2021

These updates are a little bit delayed. I forgot to hit the ‘publish’ button and thought I have already posted it. I will post another update again soon. I’ve repotted my plants a few weeks ago to bigger plant pots.


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