Singapore Sojourn: Old Chang Kee

One of the liveliest places in Singapore is Chinatown. Day and night, locals and tourists flock into this place to buy goods, try the different local cuisines and just chill out. You can also see a lot of shops that sell goods and foods for a very cheap price. You can try to haggle, on some stores, if you’re buying in bulk.

If you wanted to stay near Chinatown, you don’t have to worry because there are a lot of hotels around.

My Experience 

One of the food stalls that caught my attention was Old Chang Kee. I was curious with the statement in the poster that says “We are TOP 20 in the world”. So, I thought to give it a try. I first bought Curry’O for S$1.50, see image below. The taste is very similar to our own empanada. It’s alright. If you love curry, this one is for you. My partner finished the rest of it.

When we arrived from Malaysia, we decided to book a hotel near Chinatown. We got a room in Santa Grand. The hotel has a very good location, it’s in the centre of Chinatown.

So, one time when we walked pass the stall of Old Chang Kee, I decided to give it another try. I saw some people bought the Cheezy Chicken Ball, and that’s what I ordered for S$1.70. It’s very tasty. The chicken and cheese seem to have a very good chemistry. Honestly, I was hooked and it became my instant favourite!

If you happen to see this stall, try the Cheezy Chicken Ball.



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