Pinoy Longganisa and Tocino in the UK

I regularly feature Pinoy products/businesses here on my blog. I like to make recommendations to provide awareness to other Pinoys that they can buy certain Pinoy products here in the UK. No matter where you are, you will always miss those local foods you’re used to.

I recently ordered Pinoy longganisa and tocino from Marycris, a Pinay living in the UK. She has a Facebook page called Mary’s Longganisa Pinoy Style. She’s nice, and my transaction with her was very smooth. I’ve ordered on a Sunday and my purchase arrived on a Tuesday, I’m very satisfied with the delivery time.

Here is the breakdown of what I’ve paid:

Longganisa – £3 x 3 = £9
Tocino – £3 x 1 = £3
Shipping fee – £3.45
One pack of longganisa contained 7 pieces.

I’ve not yet cooked the tocino, but the longganisa tastes really good. It’s a combination of spicy and a touch of sweetness. Aprub!

WARNING: Prepare plenty of rice.

I’ve paid a total of £15.45 and it’s totally worth it! If you miss these foods, you can make an order on her Facebook page.

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