Travel Essentials: BeachBorn Sea Salt Spray + Bam Balm

I was browsing around Instagram when I stumbled upon BeachBorn‘s business page. It featured nice photos of their clients and products. The time when I was browsing the page, it only have 2 products — sea salt spray and lip balm — but it now have several bits. I got intrigued and thought “this one seems nice, why not purchase one and try it?”. Out of curiosity, I contacted them and then we scheduled a meet-up.

Transaction I had a smooth transaction with the seller. We met at a certain place. Then, she gave me the products and I paid her. That easy, no frills. It should’ve been a total of 348php (Lip balm costs 168php; Sea salt spray costs 180php). Fortunately, at the time of my purchase, it was discounted so I only have to pay 330php.

*Please take note the price of the Seasalt spray is currently 180php, as of October 2020.*


Lip Balm


It comes in a white tube labeled with a sticker which states the ingredients and its uses. Take note that the lip balm is made from natural ingredients which is a good thing!

The lip balm is not tinted and I noticed there are some brown bits in it. It has a minty scent and taste. Once applied, it feels cool on your lips. I’m pretty amazed that for the price of only 168php it’s very moisturising. The lip balm also works as a lip scrub which is a big plus. If I’m not mistaken, not all lip balms can exfoliate dead skin cells. This product is quite ideal when you are traveling to cold places as it will moisturise your lips. That will save your lips from getting chapped!

I know I kept on patronising and giving positive comments about this, I can’t help it. It’s really good.

Sea Salt Spray


The sea salt solution is contained in a black plastic bottle labeled with a sticker. It has an instruction to shake the bottle before using. It also has a protective cap to protect the nozzle. Unfortunately, the ingredients weren’t stated on the label.

This spray promises texture + waves + volume. If you want a quick wavy hair, you just have to spray on your damp hair and twist, bun or braid then release after a couple of minutes. I can attest that this product really works! When I’ve sprayed this on my hair and let it dry, I noticed the added volume.

I consider this a travel essential as it gives your hair a quick fix which I find handy during photo sessions. This product can be used anywhere, may it be in the beach (do the wavy or curly hair) or going to the office (spray to add some volume). This is for real and is cheap!

Overall, the products are quite satisfying. Between the two, I love the sea salt spray more. Believe it or not, I use it almost everyday! Just check out BeachBorn Davao’s instagram account @beachborndavao for more information.

NOTE: I’m not affiliated to BeachBorn Davao. Just a happy customer.


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