Pinay in the UK: Regrowing Spring Onions

Last year, I started thinking of different ways on how to reduce waste. In one of my posts (click here), I mentioned I’ve been using reusable facial cotton pads instead of the disposable pads. And you know what? It’s nearly a year and I’m still using the exact same pads! Imagine how much money I saved for not buying disposable cotton pads.

I normally throw spring onions after I take out the green leafy part. But one day, I thought it’s such a waste to keep on throwing the roots so I decided to put it in the water. It was late at night and I can’t be bothered to go out to get some soil from the shed. I searched online on how to regrow spring onions in water and found out that you can actually grow them without a soil, so why not?

You only need a container and water for the spring onion roots. Add water just above the white part of the roots and watch it grow. Just keep in mind to regularly change the water.

If there is anything else you can suggest that I can easily grow in my kitchen, comment below.


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