Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

I love nice palettes and I fell in love with my Morphe’s Jaclyn Hill. But before I bought my Morphe, I first got Urban Decay’s Naked 3.
I got this from Debenhams online and it was delivered next day. It was on offer (10%), so I took the chance.

Naked 3 is a 12-colour palette. It also has a free brush that is so soft!

The colours are mainly subtle which I think is nice for a daytime use. I’ve always wanted this palette whenever I pass by the Urban Decay’s section as it looks really nice!

Here is a sample of the swatches according to palette order (2ndand 3rd swatches are of the same colour):

I like the ‘pastel’ colours and really nice for a casual daytime use. However, I don’t find this as pigmented as Morphe’s Jaclyn Hill which I prefer. I think it depends on the person’s preference. If you like subtle colours, you might love Naked 3. If you like really pigmented ones, then I don’t recommend this.

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