Maragusan Escapade: Tagbibinta Falls

Part 3 of the Maragusan Escapade

Tagbibinta Falls is one of the main attractions in Maragusan, Compostella Valley. You shouldn’t skip this when you are in the vicinity as it showcases the beauty of nature. It is located in Bgy. Coronobe. The falls has multiple series, but we only managed to see one.

On our 2nd day in Maragusan, we went to Tagbibinta Falls. Our new friends offered us a free lift, saved us some money again! The trip from Haven’s Peak Resort to the falls is approximately 16 minutes, of course this depends on the speed of the vehicle and traffic in the area. Below is a map I got from Google to give you an idea.


Some parts of the road are rough, bumpy and still undergoing construction. Hopefully, this gets completed soon so it will be easy and convenient for travelers to access the falls.
The entrance “gate” is made out of wood. You can only park your car outside and walk a bit to reach the entrance. It’s just a few meters away.

At the time of our trip, the entrance fee we paid was 10php/adult and 5php/child. There were also cottages in the area for a fee which was 75php/cottage. In our case, since we only planned to stay for a few hours because we just wanted to see the falls, we didn’t rent a cottage.

Good thing there was an open room where we left our bags and changed clothes. Just ask the caretakers to keep an eye on your things. We knew it was risky to just leave our things behind even if we already asked someone, so we took all our valuables with us like cellphone, camera and money. It is helpful to bring a small bag on trips like this.

The open cottages are only limited, so I guess it’s on a “first come, first serve” basis. Also, if ever you get hungry, there is a store where you can buy foods and drinks. Fortunately, we had a heavy breakfast at the resort so we didn’t bother to buy anything.

There was a pool in the area and the depth is ideal for kids. Since the trail to the falls isn’t really that easy for kids, the pool seems to be a better option for them to enjoy.

The Falls The trail to the falls was somewhat bushy. The place wasn’t really developed and it would be better if it stays that way because it gives you that “nice” feeling of reconnecting to mother nature.The trail was clean and there were no traces of garbage. I hope it stays like this.

The short trek to the falls from the cottage area was just like 3-5 minutes, it’s not that far. Just be careful as some parts are a bit slippery.

The falls was truly majestic. We had the chance for a quick dip and enjoyed the moment. It was really refreshing and it felt good. Nothing beats the therapeutic effects of nature.

I’ve read somewhere that Tagbibinta is a 13-series falls in which 3 are recommended for tourists and 7 are accessible to locals. We only managed to visit one.

If you plan to visit Maragusan, this should be on your list. If you’re an adventure seeker, you might want to visit all of the 7-series of Tagbibinta Falls.

*Please take note prices may change without prior notice.


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