My Visa Journey: Applying for a Germany Schengen Visa in England (Business & Tourist)

I’m currently working in a global company and there is a demand to travel to other countries to provide support.

I was recently invited to visit our German office. But because I’m a Philippine passport holder, I need a Schengen visa in order for me to enter the country. The Greece Schengen visa I applied last September has already expired, unfortunately.

Since this is a work-related travel, I’ve applied for a business visa. But I also thought to mix it with a tourist purpose because hubby and I plan to travel at some point next year. This is a very easy visa application because all the requirements are stated in the VFS website.

Here is the list of requirements I’ve submitted:

1. Original visa application form

I filled in an online application form. It’s easy to do. Please take note that I tick the option for freedom of movement as a spouse of a British national. If you don’t tick the box, there will be more entries that you will need to fill in.

After I filled in my application form, I booked an appointment. Make sure you also print the appointment letter with the barcode as you will need to hand it in to the receptionist.

2. Additional information form
You only need to sign and date this document. This is to confirm that all the information the applicant has provided are all correct.

3. Passport
Both original and photocopy of my passport were submitted.

4. UK Residence Permit
I submitted both original and copy of my BRP card. The original card has been returned to me the same day once the staff verified its authenticity.
5. Photograph
I only submitted one passport photo.

6. Proof of employment
I submitted an employment letter which I requested from the HR. In the letter, my employer has confirmed my job title, start date and employment status (permanent).

7. Invitation letter
I submitted an invitation letter from our German office, and it was provided by the HR. The letter has stated my passport details, purpose of my trip and length of my stay in Germany.

8. Proof of travel
The company has paid for my tickets. I submitted a copy of my confirmed flight details. Please take note that the VFS website states that the flight details should be confirmed.

9. Proof of Accommodation
The travel company who organised my flights has also arranged my hotel.

10. Travel Insurance
The company has comprehensive travel insurance but I forgot to ask them for a copy! I was left with no choice but purchase travel insurance through compare the market for £12.60 which covers me for 1 year! It’s not too bad as I have plans to travel next year.

Please take note that apart from the policy schedule, you need to supply the page where the limits are stated as they wanted to check how much the applicant is covered for in case of a claim.

11. Cover Letter
Cover letter isn’t a requirement but I thought to provide one to explain why I added business and tourism as my purpose of travel.
The fees I paid for this application were:
Visa fee – £53.30
VFS Service Fee – £19.50
SMS Fee – £1.95
Courier Fee – £14.95
Total: £89.70

I also paid £14 for printing a document because I didn’t include the policy wording. I thought the policy schedule will suffice. Please take note that if you avail the printing services of VFS, you will need to pay per page.

Here is my timeline below:
Submission of application – November 12, 2018
Passport received – November 19, 2018

It only took 6 working days to get my passport back. The embassy has given me 6-months validity good for tourist and business purposes. 
That application wasn’t difficult at all.

**Update: Please take note the process/fees may have changed. The visa centre is now Visa Metric. Please check this link as well.


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