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Random Thoughts: 5 Things I Did During Lockdown

The global pandemic has greatly affected everyone. Some people were able to adjust and work it all out to their advantage, but some had it hard financially and mentally. If you belong on the former category, well done and keep it up! If you’re on…

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Pinay in the UK: Sending My First Balikbayan Box Through LBC

Filipinos abroad are quite familiar with Balikbayan boxes. These are parcels that contain goodies (food items, books, clothes, etc) we send to our family or friends back home. It’s a way of showing we care, and to let them feel we love them as we’re…

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My Visa Journey: How to Apply for Second Further Leave to Remain (FLR(M)) in the UK (Part 2)

After completing the online form and uploading all required documents, the next step is biometrics.I have scheduled mine a week after I submitted my online application. I paid extra for the appointment because the next free slot is 4 weeks after, and I don’t want…

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My Visa Journey: How to Apply for Second Further Leave to Remain (FLR(M)) in the UK (Part 1)

Last December, I applied for my 2nd Further Leave to Remain (FLR(M)). By the way, I entered the UK on a Fiance Visa. I noticed that the new application process has changed since the last time I applied for my 1st FLR(M)) which was way…

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Pinay in the UK: 5 Things To Do Whilst on Fiance Visa

What’s next after getting a fiancé visa? This is a common question from applicants after the long process of gathering documents, application and waiting for that golden visa. After the first challenge, another dilemma comes up. I understand the uncertainty as it’s not easy to…

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