Barrio Fiesta in Manchester 2017

Barrio Fiesta was held in Manchester last June 25 in Bowlers Exhibition Centre. It was an indoor event so just in case it rains (as the weather in England is quite unpredictable), the event will still continue. The area can easily be accessed by car. If you are commuting, it will be long walk from/to the right bus stop.

There was an entrance fee of £2 per person which entitles to a free raffle. I’m not sure what the prizes are as hubby and I went home before the raffle started.

In the event, there were different performers and the special guests were Spencer and Michael of Streetboys.

Aside from the performances, I was more excited in finding Filipino products! Once you’re here in the UK, you will really miss the foods at some point. It’s not that easy to find Asian stores that sell Filipino products (well, atleast in my case). No more tindahans that you can easily buy something in a jiffy.

Here are some photos of the stalls:

I spent a bit longer here in Sumang’s! They have loads of products and it was like heaven on earth for me. If you are interested, just contact the numbers stated in the tarpaulin below.

Ready-to-eat foods or lutong bahay were also available. There were kakanins (mix and match 3 kakanins for £2) and different dishes.

There were also real estate companies. I find this very helpful especially to Filipinos who want to invest and own a property in the Philippines. I also collected fliers from cargo companies, just in case I wanted to send some Balikbayan boxes in the future.

I’ve enjoyed the event and I’m already looking forward for next year’s!


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