EATinerary: Batu Cafe + Bakeshop Davao

Plenty of new restaurants have opened in Davao City which I think is a good sign because it means that the city’s economy is growing. More businesses will create employment to locals, taxes for the government and profit to owners, a win-win for everyone (given that the business is doing well).

One of these newly-opened restaurants in the city is Batu Cafe located along Loyola Street, BO. Obrero. If you’re not sure of the location, just ask the locals or trike drivers where Las Casitas Hotel is as this is just beside the restaurant. Honestly, it’s not that hard to find.

When we got there around 7PM, there were already a lot of people. Since we wanted to eat inside, we waited a few minutes for a vacant table. The restaurant features bohemian-inspired designs. The fantastic lamps and artworks on the walls were totally eye-catching. The staffs were quite attentive and pleasant to their customers which is a big factor, for me. There were also plenty of tables and chairs inside and outside the restaurant. So if you are in a big group, you don’t have to worry as the place can accommodate plenty of people.

The restaurant has a wide selection of foods in their menu. Aside from the rice meals, there were also desserts by Margie’s bakeshop. There is also a homemade ice cream which I didn’t have the chance to try. Oh well, better luck next time. See images below to check some of the meals.

I was surprised when I saw spring rolls in their menu. Because I missed Vietnam’s famous spring rolls, I ordered their Cha Gio Spring Rolls (8 pcs) for 149php. Honestly, it’s not the same as what I’ve had in Vietnam but doesn’t taste bad either. The taste is more similar with Filipino’s famous Lumpia.

Cha Gio Spring Rolls (149php) Crispy Vietnamese spring rolls with pork and vermicelli, wrapped in rice paper and deep fried to perfection. Served with nuoc cham sauce.
Pork Sizzling Sisig (139php + 10php if with egg) Serves 2-3
Sweet & Sour Szechwan Pork Ribs & Siomai (215php) Served with 2pcs Pork and Shrimp Siomai
Pork Tenderloin Bulgogi (139php) Served with sauteed bean sprouts.
Korean Pork Spareribs & Chagio (198php) Chagio: Crispy Vietnamese spring rolls with pork and vermicelli, served with nuoc cham sauce.

The Sisig was superb! The taste was just right. If you wanted to be on the safe zone when ordering, just order this one and you won’t regret it. What I ordered for myself was their Korean Pork Spareribs & Chagio meal which was also good. Their rice meals were of reasonable prices. Also, quite satisfying in terms of taste and serving. You’ll go home quite satisfied.

I must say that this restaurant is worth a try. If you are looking for a place that offers good food and a vibrant atmosphere, you will never go wrong in Batu Cafe.

Just a tip: If you wanted to know their bestsellers, just look for the foods/meals with a star.

So here’s a quick summary of the rice meals we ordered with prices:

Cha Gio Spring Rolls (149php)
Pork Sizzling Sisig (139php + 10php if with egg)
Sweet & Sour Szechwan Pork Ribs & Siomai (215php)
Pork Tenderloin Bulgogi (139php)
Korean Pork Spareribs & Chagio (198php)

Address: Las Casitas Hotel, #509 Loyola Street, BO. Obrero, Davao City,
Store Hours: 6AM – 12MIDNIGHT

*Please take note prices may change without prior notice.


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