Maragusan Escapade: Haven’s Peak Highland Resort

Part 1 of the Maragusan Escapade

Traveling is my way of de-stressing away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Sometimes all we need is that “recharge” to balance our lives and go back to reality with a fresh mind.

Haven’s Peak is a resort in Maragusan, Compostella Valley that is considered a tourist attraction in the area. People from other parts of Mindanao visit this place to unwind and reconnect with mother nature. The resort is located on top of a hill giving guests a great view of the area. There is also a pool area that provides an extra activity while you’re on holiday. The temperature at night is cooler which means a comfortable sleep.

The route we took for the trip was a bit hassle as we have to change to a different vehicle because there was no direct trip going to the area. The road was very rough and bumpy and it made the whole journey quite tiring. But in the end, it was all worth it.

How to get there from Davao City? (This route is based on my experience)

  • Go to Ecoland terminal and look for a bus going to Tagum. The fair was 80php/person.
    From Tagum terminal, look for a bus or van going to Maragusan. We took the van because there was no bus in sight during that time and we can’t waste more time waiting. The fair was 130php/person.
  • From Maragusan terminal, we took the habal-habal which is a local transportation in the area. The fare was 20php/person. If you’re up for a walk, ask the locals for direction and go ahead. The resort is not that far, maybe 2-3kms from the terminal. 

The Resort

View from the Parking Area

When we got to the parking area of the resort, there’s a booth where we paid 10php/each for the entrance fee. After we paid, we started to climb the stairs. It reminded me of the Korean series “Stairways to Heaven” because of the number of stairs you actually have to climb. Honestly, it was exhausting!

Receiving Area

When we got to the receiving area, all I want was to sit. I wasn’t disappointed as there were plenty of sofas. We even got the chance to meet new friends who were also guests. They generously offered us a ride when we told them we plan to go to a nearby spring. (Watch our for my next post about this.)

The image below is just a sample of one of the cottages in the resort. We decided to stay in a tent in which we paid 100php/each. Let’s just say we’re the adventurous type.

Sample Room: Ifugao Room
Sample Room: Bagobo House

Extra Activities 

Near the receiving area is a restaurant where you can have a drink at night and chill out. There is also a mini stage where a band can perform.
Resort’s Restaurant

There are 2 pools in the resort. We took a night dip on the lower part and it was freaking cold! That night while in the pool, we experienced a black out. The lights I can only see were from the fireflies around the trees, and some sounds of the insects as the background! I must commend the staffs as they provided us an emergency light a few minutes after the light went out.

The next day, we had our breakfast in the resort. We ordered Chopseuy and it was good. The staff also told us the vegetables used were fresh and it came from their own farm.

Overall, we enjoyed our short stay in this resort. If you are looking for: attentive staffs, clean resort, cold temperature, nearby springs and cheap price, you might want to give this resort a try. Haven’s Peak is truly heavenly.


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