Pinay in the UK: My Top 3 Entertainment Apps

Most of my close friends know I’m a big movie/series junkie. I would watch any genre, from horror to drama, as long as I like the story. It’s always the story. If some people can’t give up coffee, I can’t give up my movies/series.

There are a lot of websites that offer free entertainment in exchange of watching ads. Some websites have too much ads on their page that when you accidentally click one, it will lead to another site or pop-up window. Since you’re availing the ‘free’ version, you have to endure closing those exasperating windows (not to mention any virus it contains).

When I started working and earning my own money here in the UK, I searched for platforms that will cater my entertainment needs. I’ve tried those ‘free’ websites before, but I now need something convenient.

Below are the top 3 apps/platforms I swear by:

1. Viki
If you love Asian shows, this is the perfect app for you! You can watch Asian movies/shows (Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese) straight to your devices. And if you have a Chromecast installed, you can cast your favourite shows to your television.

You can choose to watch for free but endure the pain on watching ads; or you can subscribe and pay every month to enjoy an ad-free viewing. There are 2 available plans if you opt to pay:

1. Basic 

This plan costs £2.79/month.

2. Standard

This plan costs £3.99/month.

The difference between the 2 plans is the latter offers exclusive shows/movies. Basically, you have more choices to choose from.

NOTE: You can always cancel your subscription anytime.

2. Netflix
I admit I wasn’t a fan of Netflix a few years ago. The contents available were not for me. But this year, I’m surprised how the contents have greatly improved! They now have Korean and Filipino movies/series, how can I resist?

I’ve been a subscriber since last year for £7.99/month, and it’s all worth it. On this plan, you can watch 2 shows on any devices at the same time. 

NOTE: You can download videos for offline watching. Similar to Viki, you can also cast any movies/shows to your television as long as you have a Chromecast. 

You can always cancel your subscription anytime.

3. TFC (The Filipino Channel)
This is a no-brainer choice. As a Pinay in the UK, I still miss those Filipino shows. I’ve finished watching Halik, and currently watching a few shows like Kadenang Ginto and The General’s Daughter (yes, you can call me baduy but it entertains me).

For £6.99/month, you can enjoy watching your favourite Pinoy shows. I’ve only subscribed for a month as I wanted to watch the beginning of Kadenang Ginto

Note: You can watch shows for free, but only the last 3 episodes. If you wanted to start a show, you need to subscribe. Similar to Viki and Netflix, you can cast any movies/shows to your television as long as you have a Chromecast.

You can always cancel your subscription anytime.

There you go. Whenever you feel bored or when homesickness kicks in, try these apps to ‘divert’ your attention. Hope this helps!
*This is a not a sponsored post.

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