Pinay in the UK: I Passed My Practical Driving Test! (Part 2)

The examiner called my name, I stood up and went towards him. He explained the process and what I need to sign. You don’t need to take a pen with you because the declaration is signed electronically. We then proceeded outside to read the plate…

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Pinay in the UK: I Passed My Practical Driving Test! (Part 1)

It felt so good to pass the UK practical driving test. Last month, I finally torn the ‘L’ plates! I now have the freedom to drive from one place to another, no longer have to worry of missing a bus or a train schedule. This…

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Fancy a Cuppa?

It was early in the morning in Singapore airport but the number of travellers from all around the globe kept going in and out. I still have at least 2 hours to spare for my next flight so thought to walk around and to see…

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Bought a New Camera!

A few months ago, I sold my Fujifilm X-A5 camera. I had it for 3 years but I rarely use it. I’ve been using my phone most of the time taking photos. Sometimes, you need to take a quick snap and a separate camera can…

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How to Withdraw Funds From COL Financial

After 4 years of investing in COL Financial, I’ve thought to test how easy it is to withdraw funds. Before I withdrew any money, I made sure to double check with COL Financial if it’s okay to use a bank name not matching my COL…

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