Pinay in the UK: Getting a Provisional Driving License

  Driving is not a right but a privilege. Anybody can learn how to drive but not everyone can become a driver. It takes time and patience. In the UK, I can say that it’s important to learn how to drive. The trains, buses, trams…

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My FilFoods (Pinoy Store) Experience

A few weeks ago, I stumbled on a Facebook post which was all about Pinoy Foods. I got curious so I checked it out, and there were some people who made recommendations. When I was checking the FB profiles, I decided to add one of…

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Pinoy Foods in England: FilFoods

It was hard for me to find Filipino products in the town where I live. Asian products like Indian and Japanese, there are loads, yes. But Filipino products? Zilch. One day I tried searching on Facebook for Pinoy sellers. Lo and behold, I’ve found one!…

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